Can they be deep buried? Are they strong enough?

All tanks are not created equal. Fiberglass and plastic tanks have been on the market for years.
Some are of questionable quality, and are not intended to be placed into service outdoors or underground.


The Schier Great Basin Series Grease Interceptors have been specifically engineered to be installed
outdoors, and can even be deep buried (to a total depth of 10') without any vaulting. This is because
they are made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). HDPE is an extremely strong and durable
plastic. It is used nationwide for pressurized water mains and underground piping. The Roto-Molding

process that is used to manufacture the Great Basin series assures a very consistent wall thickness.
This makes an extremely tough tank.



Tank body passes structural loading design requirements
of ASTM C890-06 for A-16 vehicle loading (AASHTO HS20)


See just how tough the Great Basin is in the YouTube clip. In this clip, the Great Basin is lifted
between 15'-20' in the air, and then launched from a forklift. Afterwards, it is repeatedly
beaten with a 16 pound sledge hammer.

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