TeleGlide - Fully Adjustable Riser System


Tele-Glide is a fully adjustable riser system that is included with every Great Basin series grease interceptor.
Every unit has 6 inches of adjustability built in. If more than 6 inches is required, simply add
either a short-riser, long-riser, or combination of both.




No More stacking of concrete rings, bricklaying, or expensive custom risers.
TeleGlide simplifies riser installations to any height. It even allows adjustability
for angled or sloped installations.


TeleGlide allows for riser fabrication of risers up to 76 inches deep
(even deeper by request). The short and long risers are stock items for
Schier distributors, eliminating legthy wait times
for custom risers.



CLICK HERE - For detailed installation instructions showing how to install TeleGlide