We are very hands on and technically competent.

Several of us have backgrounds in Plumbing or Engineering, and we pride ourselves on our technical capabilities.

We are very well versed on how the products we sell work. Not only do we sell them, we install them too. We also take the time to understand our competition. Regularly seeking out, putting our hands on, and even installing their products. This makes us knowledgable when we are suggesting products that we sell that will install easier, be a better value, or make a better looking finished installation. Contractors have come to know and trust that when we are talking to them about a product, we know what we are talking about.

None of us are scared to get in the trenches and help out with an installation when necessary. There have been times when we have met a contractor on a site at 2 a.m. to help them to get the job done. This forms a lasting relationship where the contractor knows that they can count on us as a valuable resource. It is not unusual for Contractors or Engineers to contact us about another product they have seen and ask us our opinion. In is not unheard of that we have researched, talked with other contractors, and then followed up with an inquiring contractor on a product that we do not even sell.

Ongoing education is a regular part of our representative's lives. We regularly attend workshops, seminars, and every training opportunity we can make ourselves a part of. Whether it is a product we represent or not, we aim to increase our product knowledge on anything we can that may be beneficial to our customers.