We give our manufacturer's more time. . Because we limit the number of lines we sell, we can and do, devote significantly more time to the lines we represent. The lines that we represent all tell us that they hear from us more, and get more inquiries from our efforts than other rep. firms they work with. We are consistently in the top performing agencies in the country.

We feel that there is no way that a representative can represent twenty different lines. Every line, large and small, requires time. We spend our time actively visiting with Engineers, Contractors, and our Wholesale partners. By focusing our efforts on a select group of companies, we have the time to call on customers that are beyond the normal reach of most rep. agencies. This includes spending time developing business with School boards, City Utilities, power companies and more. These other channels have helped us to deliver a wealth of new and ongoing business to our wholesale partners.

We know that our approach is working. Since we adopted this approach to selling in 2009, we have seen steady and constant growth in all of the lines we sell. For 2010 and 2011 we have seen sales growth averaging about 20%. While some are reporting that business is flat, we are finding that we are busy and sales are steadily trending upward.

We continue to seek out new markets and constantly work to expand market penetration for the lines we sell. By demonstrating an outstanding level of customer service, we make sure that our existing customers look to us first to supply their ongoing needs. We have become our customers go to choice. They know that doing business with us is convenient, easy, and worry free. They also know that we are always working for them.