We are very focused in our sales efforts. Our representatives do not randomly roam their territories dropping by to visit customers. Our visits are planned, and focused on a specific objective. Because we spend our time visiting everyone from the Engineer designing the job to the installing Contractor, we make sure our time is spent wisely. This is a critical component of our success. This type of organized selling has made us a valuable asset to our customers. When we call them to arrange a visit, they know we are coming in with specific information that will be beneficial to their business. They make time to see us.

On a day to day basis our Agency Principal is involved in everything that each of our representatives is doing. We all talk constantly, and are continually outlining objectives, and following up on ongoing tasks. By working together, we are able to be more focused, and our efforts yield a greater return.

When we are in front of a customer, we are enlisting that customers help in getting to the specific decision maker for a specific project or product. We are constantly looking for the next branch in the decision making process. Here are a few examples: When we are in front of the buyer, we inquire as to which Estimator or Project Manager is handling a job, then we make certain to visit them. When we are in front of the Project Manager, we always make certain to find out who the Engineer is. When we are in front of the Engineer we find out who they are doing the most work with, or if they are doing a lot of School Board work, or work with a specific General Contractor. We always work on the premise that we want to get to as many different potential customers as possible.

Follow up is also a big part of our type of organized selling. We regularly follow up with not only the contacts that we visit, but with the people that give us contact information. We have found by regularly following up with the people who gave us leads, they start calling and giving us unsolicited leads. This leads to us having a mutually beneficial partnership with our customers where they find that we are not just trying to sell them product, we are also helping them to secure more work. We become an important tool in their success.