We are focused on Engineers and Plumbing Contractors.


Let's face it, the business has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Before, you relied on your wholesale partners to inventory and sell your products. Today, we are tasked with creating the demand for a product and then delivering the sales opportunity to our Wholesale partners.

To create demand, we spend the majority of our time visiting with Plumbing contractors and professional Plumbing Engineers. At the Engineer level, we regularly conduct lunch & learns to help them to understand the features and benefits of the products that we sell. We also work to make it very easy for an Engineer to specify our products by putting specification sheets, CAD drawings, and BIM files at their fingertips. Whether that particular Engineer prefers to have all of our submittal sheets in a three ring binder next to his desk, or online at a one-click resource page, we cater to their individual needs. We also aim to provide sizing assistance, drawing details, and whatever technical tools we can to make it easy for an Engineer to specify our products on their project.

At the Plumbing contractor, there are many different facets to what we do. Whether it is working with the Estimators to put together bid numbers, working with the Purchasing agent to help them find the best Wholesaler to inventory and supply our products, or conducting product training workshops for field installers, we are always present. Every one of us carries a hard hat, and is very comfortable in a jobsite environment. Every contractor we call on knows that we are much more than just a "salesman" calling on them. We are their partner in suggesting solutions to challenges they face in a very competitive and challenging jobsite environment.