Our response is immediate! When someone calls into our office, they are always greeted by a person, someone who is experienced, and is tasked with doing whatever they can to make it easy for the caller. When our reps. receive a voice mail, we call back immediately. E-mails are returned immediately. A guiding mantra we live by is to do everything we can for our customer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Brigitte, our inside sales and support person has been cheerfully and effectively handling the telephones, and inside sales and support duties, for over ten years. She knows all of our customers, and knows how to make certain that she is doing everything she can to accommodate their needs.

Customers know that all they have to do is make one call to our office, and that we will do all of the follow up from there. Whether it is tracking an order, processing a return, or getting one of our reps. on a jobsite, Brigitte effectively manages all of our day to day inquiries.